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So, there is one Pony OC which I feel has a lot of potential for characterisation and exploration of the life that surrounds her. I am talking about one StarryOak's character known as Prince Quasimodo Quartz:
Prince Quasimodo Quartz

Quasimodo Quartz as a filly (or nymph):
Young Quasimodo Quartz by StarryOak


Quasimodo Quartz as a foal:
Baby Quasimodo Quartz by StarryOak

Directly quoting StarryOak's description of the character:
Accidental Son/Daughter of Shining Armour and Chrysalis, and adopted son/daughter of Princess Cadence. Quasimodo (his first name came from Chrysalis, his last from Cadence) was conceived accidentally when Chrysalis was disguised as Cadence ( directly after [link] ), and came as a suprise and terror for Chrysalis, as she was terrified that the love she had sucked from Shining Armour had become a hatchling queen, as that would spell her eventual doom, and as she was only 200 years old, she wasn't ready to give up her life. The first live changeling birth cured her of that fear, for no egg was laid. Howhever, when she looked at her sickly son, all she could see was Twilight Sparkle, and even beyond that, he was sickly and could not stand, his back legs not built for how many holes they had, being pony hooves, his structure couldn't support a fragile limb. Chrysalis sent two nursery maids disgused and Crystal Empire guards, and dropped him onto throne, with a note in changeling "Take this Quasimodo."
He was found in the morning by Cadence, and she immediately took pity on him, bringing him to Shining Armour, who, while confused by Quasi's existence, felt a paternal love for him. They adopted him, and built a wheelchair so he could walk. At first the Crystal Ponies were terrified and disgusted with him, but his attempts to win them over eventually won out, and he is the rightful heir to the Crystal Empire, though with both leaders immortal alicorns, its unlikely he'll ever get the chance to rule.
A shy, self loathing young boy (though he feels as though she is a girl inside, the makeup makes her/him feel less hollow) and wishes to please everypony, though she feels inadequite, her magic only good for powering the crystal heart, though it used to be that she would suck away love from her surroundings accidentally, her mother taught her how to channel love outwardly, instead of locking it away inside. Regality's best friend, and cousin.

So, I feel that this is a very unique pony OC, being a transgender stallion-to-mare character, and with such a backstory, could make for an interesting Ask blog on Tumblr. Being named by her birth-mother in such a way that means "almost the standard measure" must have contributed to her self-loathing in some way, in addition to being neither truly a pony nor a changeling. Not pony enough to be visually endearing to her fellow ponies, and not changeling enough to properly transform (evidently, she can only change her mane and coat colours). A hoof in each world, and she doesn't fit in either. Her family loves her, though, and she wants to do good by everypony.

Shining Armor (her father):
Older Shining Armor by StarryOak

Cadance (her adoptive mother):
Older Princess Cadence by StarryOak

Skyla (her half-sister):
Older Princess Skyla by StarryOak

Royal Beauty (her other half-sister):
Royal Beauty by StarryOak

Regality (her best friend and cousin; son of Trixie and Blueblood):
Regality Blueblood by StarryOak

So, my idea is that I will script this potential Tumblr, and whoever is interested will do the illustrations for the Ask blog. If you are interested, and have free time, send me samples of your artwork, so that I can make a decision. Thank you for your time!


StarryOak has illustrated a banner for this fledgling blog:

Ask Prince(ss) Quasimodo Quartz


The Tumblr blog can be found here:… . 64SuperNintendo has offered his time and services as illustrator. Thank you, 64SuperNintendo, and the best of luck to us all!


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64SuperNintendo Apr 6, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Happy birthday!
im now following the prince quartz blog and I sent an ask
Thanks for faving!! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]
64SuperNintendo Feb 18, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for watching!
Hello, Mr. Felagund (If I may call you that. :3)
I'm MasterGGG, I work for Sir J.C. the Hyena. I'm sure you remember him.

Anyways, several years ago he based something offa some of yer work, agreed? :3
Well, he finally decided to create his own thing inspired by yours. ^^

He wants me to show you the end result and he wanted to thank you for inspiring him to give the Suicide Mouse character. ^^

Good for him. All the best to him and you!
Hehe thanx. ^^
What did you think of his version of the Suicide Mouse? :3
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